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Discover OLIVER's world and what makes it special.

Racket Pioneer since 1938

When Jack Oliver was lovingly experimenting with tennis racquets in the 1930s in his father's carpentry workshop in Adelaide, Australia, he had no business plan and no investor pitch deck.

However, he had a clear idea of how the best tennis racket in the world should be constructed.

Much has changed since then.

Over the years, not only have the types of sports changed, but the materials and technologies have also evolved. What was once made of wood is now often made of the latest high-tech materials. But despite these changes, one thing remains constant: our claim to develop the most innovative racquets in the world.

From our beginnings in tennis to badminton and squash, we have always been at the forefront of innovation. We are also pioneering new sports such as padel and pickleball to incorporate our experience into innovative technologies. Our commitment to quality and performance drives us to constantly set new standards and push the boundaries of what is possible. We are proud to be pioneers in the world of racquet sports and look forward to continuing to ignite the passion of athletes around the world with our products.

OLIVER Sport is versatile.

OLIVER Sport is versatile.

Our passion is racket sports. Select your racket sport to find out more about it.

Whether badminton, squash, padel or pickleball - we at Oliver Sport have developed the right rackets for each of these sports. Discover our wide range of products and find the perfect companion for your game.

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